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Wuliangye Premium Chinese Baijiu 500mL Spirits bottle

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Our store is located in T2 International Departures just after the Passport Control Points. The Pick-up point located within the Technology Department. Arrivals - Our store is located in T2 International Arrivals, as you come off the plane.
Wuliangye Distillery found its origins in Sichuan, China more than 4000 years ago a long history and tradition combined in one bottle The traditional fermentation of 5 different types of grain in pits dating back to the Ming Dynasty make Wuliangye a high quality and pure distilled spirit The essence of Chinese nature in one drink: A peppery nose is followed by a sweet, soft and harmonious fruity taste Baijiu, often translated as white alcohol, unfolds powerful aromas with one sip that provide insights into Chinese culture and thus open up a far-flung world of tastes
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